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  • Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous! is driven by YOU,
my favorite clients and customers. 

I strive to bring you the products you are dying to have,
and the info you thought you'd never get the answers to!

Grab a favorite beverage and your comfy couch. Take a look around.
Then let's talk all things beauty.  :)  

Hop on over to the Blog, and let's have fun chatting over there!  


~ Cyndi ~

Cyndi TV

Join us in the Studio for Cyndi TV!

Where Cyndi goes on camera to answer your questions.


We'll be unwrapping the blog soon!  

So many beauty topics to cover!  So many beauty questions to answer!  So many beauty tips to share!  ...


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What Cyndi's clients and customers have to say

Cyndi is deeply driven with a passion for what she does and she truly is 'the best.'  I would recommend her in every aspect!  She has it all, passion, dedication, perfection!


I have followed Cyndi through her entire beauty career. She has grown and progressed exponentially. She never stops absorbing new ideas and stays current on the trends in the beauty industry. Her attention to detail makes her an expert in her craft. And since she truly loves what she does her clients receive the benefit of her passion and her dedication. “


Cyndi is very talented.  She does amazing work, and she cares so much for her clients. She takes her time, and you will leave looking beautiful every time!  She has stolen our hearts!  Forever her client!!