Redensifier: Firming Nourishing Repair 1.7 Oz.

Redensifier: Firming Nourishing Repair 1.7 Oz.

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Serum Potency Treatment Moisturizer // For Dry to Extra Dry Skin

Redensifier is specifically targeted for skin that has suffered at the hands of time. It works to overturn the glycation process and protect the skin’s barrier from environmental aggressors, balancing tone and reducing redness, leading to revitalization previously unseen.

Accumulation of glycation products is one of the major factors contributing to the loss of skin’s firmness and elasticity. AGEs - Advanced Glycation End products, are modified proteins that accumulate in the tissues during chronological aging. Glycation is non-enzymatic binding of sugars and proteins in our skin, making collagen and elastin brittle and stiff, causing loss of firmness and elasticity. The skin often takes on a “yellow cast”.

Exclusive MatrixLift Technology features a powerful regenerative extract of red algae to inspire the essential biomolecules needed to limit cellular and tissue damage caused by glycation and Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). It preserves firmness and elasticity and gradually helps rebuild a tighter, firmer, stronger skin matrix.

In-vivo studies show after 28 days, biolmolecules from red algae reduce the level of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) and glycated collagen, restore the organization of the collagen and elastin matrix, and increase overall firmness.

Fortified with Time Reversal Complex (TR-6 Complex) for multi-targeted, multi-benefit actions to correct visible aging in all skin types –regardless of age and ethnicity. TR-6 is a remarkable blend of 6 unique age-corrective technologies that include:
• Multi-action niacinamide
• Architectural peptides
• Cell-signaling CT-peptide*
• Repairing phyto-regulators
• Protecting plant stem cells
• Detoxifying cress sprouts

* CT-CorneoTherapy peptide

Rich and lubricious, Redensifier features cell signaling corneotherapy peptide Rubixyl®, to restore the regular level of 7 key epidermal proteins and replenish depleted keratin, filaggrin and ceramides for a more luminous surface. Facial architectural peptide Matrixyl® synthe’6®, rebuilds skin’s firming structures in the EDJ (epidermal dermal junction) and broken cellular matrix (ECM), so structural collagens are invigorated and volumized.

Skin restructuring phyto-repair molecules encourage the synthesis of growth factors and tissue repair mediators, promoting the recolonizing and the reconstruction of damaged skin. Recovery of stressed skin tissue is accelerated, signs of redness are rapidly reduced as healthy glow returns, and volume and resilience increase.

Mung Bean Sprout Stem Cells (vigna radiata) protect collagen and ECM (extracellular matrix) from collagen and matrix destroying enzymes (MMPs). They rescue and protect UV-damaged fibroblasts and reduce the signs of photodamage-induced inflammation that is at the root of wrinkle formation, skin sensitivity and loss of elasticity.

A liposomal form of Swiss Garden Cress bolsters resistance against environmental aggression and stress factors in addition to ridding the skin of toxins.

Niacinamide, a multitasking form of vitamin B3, orchestrates a multi-pronged reparative synthesis of skin-rebuilding ceramides, filaggrin and many other proteins and lipids, for improved barrier, and firmer, denser, more luminous skin.

Redensifier is infused with Seabuckhthorn Oil from the superfruit native to Europe and Asia. Rich in barrier-replenishing Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, it keeps skin looking fresh and feeling healthy. It provides multi-targeted cellular nourishment, transforming sagging, dull, wrinkled skin into a luminous, lively, and reinvented complexion.