Lip Remodeling Treatment 0.1 oz.

Lip Remodeling Treatment 0.1 oz.

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Volumize, hydrate & repair // For Dry, Thinning and Aging Lips

Volumizing Glycopeptide lip treatment that nourishes and helps reduce signs of aging for fuller, smoother, more hydrated lips without irritation.

The skin on the lips is more delicate than anywhere else on the face and needs extra care against aging. As lips age, the skin’s thin protective barrier becomes even thinner. This also has an effect on moisture retention, which diminishes with age as well. Add to this the reduction in lip volume as estrogen declines during menopause, and lips didn’t have a chance – until now.

Lip ReModeling Treatment is designed to bring back the beautiful lips of younger days – smooth and moist with high definition and volume. This amazing treatment creme also makes an excellent base for lipstick, lip liner and gloss. Lip color stays put while “feathering” is a thing of the past. Used often throughout the day and right before bed, it helps return youthful contours for a perfect pout – and something to smile about.

Volumizing Ultra Filling Spheres™ and Seacode™, a marine ingredient that contains Glycopeptides (natural polypeptides linked to Oligosaccharides and Exosaccharides), are blended with the lush richness of Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich Sea Buckthorn Oil. Added to this remarkable age-fighting formula is the exceptional hydrating and repair properties of chirally-correct Dexpanthenol.

The result is younger-looking, exceptionally smooth and remoisturized lips. Feather lines are diminished or eliminated completely, lip fullness appears to return and damaged surface areas are smoothed and comforted.

Does not contain fragrance, colorants, mineral oil or parabens.