Line-Ease Serum Concentrate 1.12 Oz.

Line-Ease Serum Concentrate 1.12 Oz.

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Ease microtension, smooth lines // For Skin Showing Signs of Age

Two technologies help ease surface micro-tension to visibly relax furrows on the forehead and lines around the eyes and mouth.

Line-relaxing SNAP-8, a patented neuropeptide more potent than the original line-relaxing peptide, Argireline® (acetyl hexapeptide-8) - reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles caused by gravity, constant pressure of the skin (e.g. during sleep) or repeated facial expressions. Developed as a gentle cosmetic alternative to botulinum toxin, SNAP-8 has been found in clinical studies to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 63% after 28 days of twice-daily use.

Line-Ease™ wraps skin in a flexible 3-D network of patented Almond Proteins to visibly lift in seconds. From this network, SNAP-8 targets the movement of surface wrinkles to help them fade away. The total effect is so noticeable, a difference can be seen within two minutes of application.

Line-Ease™ works on skin’s surface without toxins, needles or strange looking side-effects. It allows for a completely natural look – never frozen, or mask-like. And because it is not a medical treatment, it is available without a prescription, is toxin-free, and may be applied anywhere it’s needed – not just between the brows.

With Line-Ease™ skin is remodeled to look young again – visibly undoing years of stress and aging in just minutes.

Contains no fragrance or parabens – toxin-free.