Clear Skin Ultra Gel 1.7 Oz.

Clear Skin Ultra Gel 1.7 Oz.

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Reveal fresh, clear, healthy-looking skin in days // Acne-Prone Skin

Minimize imperfections associated with acne-prone skin with this exclusive complex of clinicallyproven Plant extracts and the next generation in AHAs – the patented* AHAminoPlexTM molecule, developed by the pioneers of AHA skin therapy, Drs. Van Scott and Yu.

Produced via a unique bonding process that attaches arginine, a naturally-derived amino acid, to the pure glycolic acid molecule, AHAminoPlex prolongs glycolic delivery into skin over a period of eight to sixteen minutes. This controlled delivery system avoids the severe spike of irritation that occurs within seconds of applying simple glycolic acid. Tests comparing the AHAminoPlex molecule to uncontrolled glycolic acid show both acids produce the same exfoliaton, cell turnover, hydration and other age-fighting benefits. But only AHAminoPlex’s controlled delivery allows skin to tolerate the acid with little-to-no sensations of irritation – including stinging, burning and redness – even on the first use (some sensitive skin may experience passive discomfort during the first few applications).

The AHAminoPlex molecule is accompanied by lactic acid attached to a dedicated delivery vehicle. Together, these ingredients achieve a 10% AHA level for safe and efficient AHA home care.

To further minimize the risk of redness, tingling and stinging, ultra-soothing Lichochalcone from Chinese Licorice interrupts the biochemical cascade that leads to redness and other discomfort. This yellow molecule also decreases lipase, an anti-lipid enzyme produced by bacteria on skin’s surface and in pores. Researchers have linked lipase to the heightened inflammation often seen in moderate and severe acne-prone skin.

Working with Lichochalcone is a compound from the fragrant wild flower, Meadowsweet (Spirea ulmaria). Dermatologist-tested, this molecule has been found to strengthen an element of the skin’s natural defense system: cathelicidins. These natural antibiotics preserve skin’s ecosystem, helping to maintain the balance of healthy flora on skin’s surface and in pores. A reduction in oil production and other imperfections is also seen.

Targeting imperfections and pore imbalances is a patented, fast-acting, purifying blend of the most active fractions of New Zealand and Australian Tea Tree oils. Specifically developed to balance hostile flora deep within pores in just five minutes, this dermatologist-tested blend calms redness as it cools the skin. Unlike regular Tea Tree oil, this blend won’t oxidize or cause irritation and does not contain common allergens from the Tea Tree family.

Finally, support for skin’s repair processes comes from immune-enhancing 1,3 Beta Glucans, a highly purified molecule from Baker’s yeast.

In a four week consumer test, 4 out of 5 people who used this product reported clearing of imperfections, decreased redness, increased hydration and an improvement in skin clarity and tone within several days to two weeks.

This remarkable serum is a self-preserving formula that relies on glycolic and lactic acids combined with two hydrators to provide stability and protect from microbial contamination for a year or longer.

Does not contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, synthetic colorants, fragrance or parabens