Clarifier: Radiance Restoring Normalizer 1.7 Oz

Clarifier: Radiance Restoring Normalizer 1.7 Oz

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Serum Potency Treatment Moisturizer // For Normal to Oily & Combination Skin

Minimize visible signs of aging with this super-charged treatment moisturizer utilizing clinicallyproven PhytoRetinoid Technology that provides multiple, massive, age-reversing actions as it speeds up cellular turnover while reducing the effects of environmental stressors.

Bidens pilosa, a unique plant found throughout the Brazilian rainforests of the Amazon, provides phytoretinoids that mimic retinol’s multiple age-corrective benefits without the irritation seen with dermatology-strength retinoids. Skin becomes smoother to the touch while youthful resilience is visibly restored.

Unlike retinoids that can cause photosensitivity and whose activity diminishes when exposed to light, this age-fighting PhytoRetinoid is not only safe to use during the day, but it also significantly decreases the action of cytokines, proteins involved in cellular responses to inflammation caused by ultraviolet irradiation, stress and free radicals. It reduces oxidative damage, MMPs, collagen and matrix destroying enzymes, and assists in prolonging cell vitality under stress as it encourages DNA repair. With its EGF and TGF-β activity, PhytoRetinoids reactivate firming and volumizing matrix proteins, dramatically improving skin firmness, texture and elasticity while amplifying clarity and tone. Pores begin to appear tighter as skin density improves over time to rebuild past damage.

This stellar PhytoRetinoid has been proven in clinical tests to decrease the appearance of deepest wrinkles and visibly brighten the signs of discoloration. It increased wrinkle-smoothing collagen I by 24%, elastin by 42%, TGF-beta by 41% and decreased the production of MMP-1 (collagen-destroying enzyme group) by 34%.

Working synergistically with PhytoRetinoid is the ultimate multitasker, Niacinamide. A physiologically active form of vitamin B3, this ingredient is involved in more than 40 biochemical reactions in the cell. It orchestrates a multi-pronged reparative synthesis of skin rebuilding ceramides, filaggrin and involucrin, improving barrier function and reducing TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss). Niacinamide generates energy needed by the aged fibroblasts for collagen and ECM (extracellular matrix) synthesis, quickly increasing firmness and radiance in aging, sun-damaged, sluggish, and dull-looking skin.

Niacinamide also regulates sebaceous lipid production and provides potent anti-inflammatory activity suppressing hostile skin flora that can endanger repair. Healthy glow, balanced tone and clarity return within days.